2016 Conference Workshops

Thursday Workshop 1

The Six “P’s” of Next Level Leadership (Well…)

Shane Bishop (Pastors)

When I arrived at my current church in the summer of 1997 the leadership was very clear about what they wanted from me.  “Take us to the next level.”  As we have grown from 200 to over 2,000, I have found that leading a congregation past natural size plateaus like 400, 750, 1200, and 1800, have involved intentional process.  Here are the “Six P’s” of “next level” church leadership:  Prayer, Planning, Preparation, Presentation and Raising Money.

Safety and Security – Making Your Church Safe In Today’s World.

Jim Hutchinson

Protecting the flock is biblical.  Our ministry is intended to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  When implemented correctly, Safety & Security will amplify your church’s core mission.  At this workshop you will receive a series of simple guidelines to start or improve your security program.  Led by a law enforcement and security professional with over 30 years of experience, if we don’t have an answer for you, we’ll find one.

It’s Not Your Grandma’s Sunday School Anymore

Pam Huff

Adult Discipleship is changing.  The premise is the same, to help people grow in their faith, but the process is different.  Are you still doing things the same old way?  Do you wonder why your program is not growing?  It’s time to move past Grandma’s Sunday School mold to a process made to help people truly engage in the experience.  The change is hard and messy but definitely worth it.

Laity – Spiritual Leaders In The Church

Jorge Acevedo

The first person in the Bible to be described as being filled with the Spirit was not Abraham or Joseph or even Moses but Bezalel. He was a layman and skilled craftsman that built the Tabernacle.  The Lord said  I have filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts.”  Join our discussion on being filled with the Spirit of God!

Friday Workshop 2

Church Finances; Avoiding the 1%

Mark Brooks

We are undergoing economic, societal and technological changes that are impacting the Church and impacting Church giving.  As a result giving to the church is in a continual decline.  At the current rate of decline, by 2050 Americans will give only 1% of their disposable incomes to the Church.  This trend will put churches and ministries out of business.  In this session, Mark Brooks, America’s Stewardship Coach, will discuss how to meet these challenges with an effective strategy that will help your church navigate the mine field ahead, assuring continual funding for your mission and ministry.  This seminar will help you act now to avoid 1% giving at your church!

Student Ministry Breakout

Zack Funk  (Youth)

Let’s be real. Student ministry can be frustrating, tiring, and make you want to pull your hair out. It is also one of the most rewarding ministries in the church. Let’s take a look at some ways to navigate through the obstacles and struggles of growing a student ministry in 2016. Leaders, Social Media, Small Groups, Service, Gadgets, Tips, Wins, Failures and much more. Join us! 

Convergence Worship

Don Frazure (Worship)

To navigate changing times, a renewal of Sunday worship must be a priority for our churches.  Yet for many churches, the focus of worship renewal has stagnated around music style.  The style of worship a church chooses is only one part of the larger process of worship renewal.  Convergence worship goes beyond music style and digs into the content and structure of worship that tells and reenacts the Gospel in any context.

Changing Church DNA

Dan Bogre

Changing your Church DNA can be done and, in fact, it must be done in the case of most of our churches. Mission and vision are great if you have discovered the right ones that God has crafted for your church.  Finding them is only Step One.  The real question is whether or not you have started to live into that mission and vision.  This workshop is about a church just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, that has been around since 1885 and the transformation that took place to reshape, reform and rebirth a mission and vision for that sacred place.  It can and must happen to your church as well.

Friday Workshop 3

Improving your LQ (Leadership Quotient)

Monty Weatherall

In improving your LQ, you will discover what all great leaders have always known, that great leadership starts with self leadership. You will also learn that broadening your level of influence with those leading you, with those serving along side you, and with those following you, are keys to improving as a leader. Finally, you will be given practical can’t miss principles to improving your Leadership Quotient. 

Strategically Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Amanda Cates (Children’s Ministry)

Volunteers are key to so many of our ministries. Yet, they can be so hard to find. Once we have found them, how can we keep them? Let’s look at strategies of recruiting and the “how-to’s” of showing you care and are happy they chose your team to volunteer within!

Worship Round Table

Don Frazure, Nathan Tobin, Steve Rader, Carrie Gaxiola, Ryan Gillam

This session will give you an opportunity to “talk shop” with our Worship Staff.  The leaders of our Worship Team and Band, Technical Team and Welcome Ministries will all be on hand to answer questions about how we operate and how we got to this point.

Getting Younger

Mike Wooton & Zack Dunlap (Pastor)

Is there a one-size-fits-all method for reaching young people, or is ministry with Millennials a lot more complex?  Mike and Zack don’t speak for their generation, but they do speak for themselves.  Join us for a discussion on what it means for the church to get “younger” in an aging nation.